Activities and intellectual outputs

Over the 24 months of the YEP project, various activities are planned in the three involved cities of Milan, Lisbon and Madrid, with the main goal to share experiences and exchange best practice in the complex fields of social and labour inclusion, youth self-entrepreneurship, training and incubation, accompanying and start-up process.

For example, three transnational meeting shall be held in the Milan, Madrid and Lisbon, with representatives of partners organizations, then the project staff shall be involved in three training meetings about significant issues, such as tools and methods for training and accompanying young people, entrepreneurship and support to young would-be entrepreneurs, funding tools, social impact evaluation and communication.

In addition to training and incubation activities, which are the key steps of the project, also some local and international workshops are planned to disseminate results and information, collected during the program, and present the realized intellectual outputs.


The intellectual outputs are practical and methodological documents, which may be a useful set of working tools for the partners and other organizations. Within the YEP project, the following intellectual outputs will be produced by the partners:

  1. An operative handbook for nonprofit organizations, to be disseminated in the involve cities.
  2. A paper on training modules on young entrepreneurship.
  3. A methodological paper for supporting the incubation of business started by young people at risk of socio-economic exclusion.

All the intellectual outputs will be available for free download as opens source materials.