(EN) Social Entrepreneurship VET

Social Entrepreneurship VET is an Acción contra el Hambre and Fundación Telefónica joint program on education for social entrepreneurship directed at Vocational Education and Training professionals. Its goal is to help you out improving the entrepreneurship competencies of students in the subjects of Enterprise, Entrepreneurial Initiative and Education and in Career Guidance (Intermediate and Advanced … Continue reading (EN) Social Entrepreneurship VET

Business ideas from ITALY

  Elena Mazzali  She is 31 years old and from the Region of Emilia Romagna, land of Parmigiano Reggiano and tortellini. She has a food blog focusing on the cuisine from her home region. Business idea: personal chef specialized regional cuisine Federico La Torre                        … Continue reading Business ideas from ITALY

Business ideas from PORTUGAL

Eliana Isabel She' 30 years old. BUSINESS IDEA: Doces El’s – o segredo Home-made confectionery services for offers, anniversaries and catering services, with specialties in biscuits and chocolate cake. Jarlensys Dias She's 25 years old. BUSINESS IDEA: Creative Fashion Services of creation and design of clothing, prints, patterns, among other creations with the support of … Continue reading Business ideas from PORTUGAL

Business ideas from SPAIN

Angela Santos Fernández She is 30 years old and she is from Madrid. Business idea: Yoga school with different lines of business for wide target clients: Yoga for adults, Yoga for anxiety, Yoga for children, Yoga for families and intensive seminars on Yoga. Sergio Pablo Torres Rios and Maria Fernanda Retes Alvarez He is 34 years … Continue reading Business ideas from SPAIN