(EN) Local event in Lisbon

Today, on the 28th of September 2018, some of the Lisbon Yeppers were given the opportunity to present their services and products during a local initiative. The event was held in the Alto Comissariado para as Migrações, more specifically in Loja Pop Up, with the collaboration of the Entrepreneurial department (GAEM). GAEM department promotes and supports entrepreneurship … Continue reading (EN) Local event in Lisbon

(EN) Music and fashion from Portugal

Does becoming an entrepreneur mean following your dreams and your passions? It seems so when it comes to Saming and Jarlenys' story! Saming is a young guy originally from Guinea. His entrepreneurial idea concerns music and videos. He directly created lyrics and music of this song, a duet with Lili, a young female singer from Cabo Verte. … Continue reading (EN) Music and fashion from Portugal

(EN) Let’s meet Jarlenys Dias, one of the YEP participants in Lisbon!

Jarlenys Dias is a young girl. She is 26 years old and took part in the YEP project in Lisbon. Actually she's portuguese but her roots are in S. Tomé e Princípe. Her passion? Definitely Fashion Design! In fact, Jerlenys studied Fashion Design in CED Dª Maria Pia, a reputable profession school in Portugal. "I love … Continue reading (EN) Let’s meet Jarlenys Dias, one of the YEP participants in Lisbon!