Elena Mazzali is one of the italian Yeppers. Her business idea aims at promoting her regional cuisine by cooking at her clients’ home, also promoting traditional recipes with them and sharing her grandma coolking exeperience!
She comes from  Emilia Romagna – an Italian Region famous worldwide for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and tortellini!
Elena is currently implementing her food blog focusing on the cuisine from her home region and recently got the chance to join two important local event in Italy.


In fact, on the 20th October, she partecipated as chef to a dinner organised at the Golf Club Amborsiano, in Milan, together with Assapurari Association: a nonprofit Cultural Association and continuer of the BIO-MED CLUSTER experience at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

Moreover, on the 26th October, our Rasadora* – as she likes calling herself! promoted and directly organised a gastronomic experience at DesinoLento Bistrot in Milan, together with Assapurari.
Elena created and prepared a delicious menu!
The event was a great occasion for all the clients to discover some traditional plates, taste exiquisite ingredients and drink refined wines. It was also a way for Elena to spread the voice about her activities and ther business idea she is implementing!


*As Elena explains in her blog, a Rasadora played a traditional female role in Emilia Romagna region. The Rasadora used to educate all the other women, do the domestic chores, take care of the gardening, provide the family with clothes and she was also in charge of the accountability activities! To sum up, Elena likes to refer to this word as the old version of a House Manager!

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