Today, 9th October 2018 the international project event was held in Madrid.
On this occasion, all the partners involved and the Yeppers –  the direct beneficiaries of the program – got the chance to have an open debate with a public audience.

Over 70 people attended the event and participated in the different dynamics that the organizers had prepared to train their job competencies depending on whether they were looking for a job or starting their businesses.

The event, held at Foundación Botin, counted with the participation of representatives from the partners organizations and participants from the three cities involved in the project.

All the partners talked about the way they implemented the project activities in their countries and show how the program is fostering young people employability through innvovative tools and strategies.

Besides that, Acción contra el Hambre presented the project results achieved so far and the Alto Comissariado para as Migrações – ACM, I.P., a strong and relevant stakeholder for the project activities in Lisbon, explained its committment within the program.


For the Yeppers, the event was the chance to introduce themselves and to explain how their business ideas are growing and which challenges they are currently facing.
The young beneficiaries also put themselves at test through an activity of non formal education to reflect on their soft skills and on how improve these transversal competences.

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Have a look to the Intellectual Outputs produced so far! Visit this page



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