Today, on the 28th of September 2018, some of the Lisbon Yeppers were given the opportunity to present their services and products during a local initiative.
The event was held in the Alto Comissariado para as Migrações, more specifically in Loja Pop Up, with the collaboration of the Entrepreneurial department (GAEM).
GAEM department promotes and supports entrepreneurship giving to the people the opportunity to create their own business activities.


During the event, each entepreneur involved in the YEP program presented some good entrepreneurial practices, describing also each service and product developed through the project support.

One of the portuguese Yepper, Jarlenys Dias, developed a space for the exhibition and sale of exclusive fashion clothes and accessories, while Marlene Francisco developed a skin care and make-up service. And on this occasion, Leide Bandeira, another protagonist of the program, offered a nutritional evaluation and samples of her products.
Many people attended the event and met our Yeppers and to know their services and products, thus creating a networking space and new contacts that will be very useful for the beneficiaries.

In the final session, approximately 20 entrepreneurs – among those ones currently attending a training course related to entrepreneurship – joined the event.
The local event was a great occasion for the Yeppers to exchange experiences, share good practices and give visibility to their business ideas. Moreover, it promoted a positive reflection on the promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employability.


Dicover all the business ideas from Lisbon here!

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