Does becoming an entrepreneur mean following your dreams and your passions?
It seems so when it comes to Saming and Jarlenys’ story!

Saming is a young guy originally from Guinea. His entrepreneurial idea concerns music and videos. He directly created lyrics and music of this song, a duet with Lili, a young female singer from Cabo Verte. Listen to their music: Krioulos GCV – Bu Manera (Official Video)


Also Jarlenys’ business activities are proceeding in the best way! She got a great chance to promote her brand thanks to an interview done at the RTP Play, a national portuguese channel:



To discover all the Portuguese YEPPERS’ business ideas, visit this page.
* In the header photo some international participants of the project in Lisbon during the Feira Empreendedorismo Imigrante (26th/27th May 2018).


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