The event YEP! We are Young Entrepreneurs on the move – International Multiplier Event,  was held in Lisbon on the 26th and 27th May 2018, during the First Immigrants Entrepreneurs Fair (FEI)at the Museu de Lisboa – Palácio Pimenta.

In order to have more visibility in Lisbon, Associação Lusofonia Cultura e Cidadania (ALCC) integrated this event in the FEI, thus reaching a bigger number of people interested in entrepreuneurship.

On this occasion, the YEP project was presented and some Yeppers participants had the chance to introduce themselves and to talk about their experiences in Lisbon, Madrid and Milan. Thus having a good window to promote their business ideas too.

All Lisbon Yeppers were represented at YEP stand and one of them, Jarlensys Dias, presented her T-shirt collection on a fashion show. The fashion show of the t-shirt colletion: “Uma Nova Mulher” was, along with the debat, a hight point of the YEP dissemination process, showing the example of one of the youngsters that attended the trainning program.

Uma nova mulher.jpg


Jarlensys incubation is being materialized at ALCC, on the social registrated brand Com Ponto®.

Alongside this, all the Yeppers took part in some non formal education activities, sharing their experiencies through icebreakers, proximity and peer learning tools.
This part turned out to be useful to reflect on their experiences and on the business activities they’re currently implementing.
The presentation of the YEP project at FEI central stage concluded the event on the 27th May 2018, having a strong effect to disseminate the project, presenting it to the audience where 75 participants were attending, among them: people from NGOs, professional schools, associations, univertity students, local partners and associations interested in going deeper into the project’s topics.


Discover all the business ideas from Portuguese Yeppers ⇒ here





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