Jarlenys Dias is a young girl. She is 26 years old and took part in the YEP project in Lisbon.
Actually she’s portuguese but her roots are in S. Tomé e Princípe. Her passion? Definitely Fashion Design!

In fact, Jerlenys studied Fashion Design in CED Dª Maria Pia, a reputable profession school in Portugal.

“I love drawing and observing every single details or particular surrounding me” – she says – “I’m sure that eventhough I have a hearing deficiency, I can reach my goals and I’m so proud about my last success: I won the 3th place on the Exponoivos 2013 contest, held in Lisbon!”

And besides that, Jarlenys collection will be presented during the Fair of Imigrants Entrepreneurs, a project from ALCC organisation, aiming at presenting to the visitors migrants’ pèotential and their valuable contribution to the portuguese economy.

“Thank to the incubation process provided by YEP project, I am creating my new collection. It is being drawn thanks to the inspiration of several women stories- Women I met or that I lived with. And of course, this new collection express also many aspects of myself too.and of course in myself too. The theme is “A New Woman” bringing out the image of a woman that wants to express her necessity to get rid from everything that hold her: past and traumas and finally be free! I think each personal story has a turning point”.

The YEP Program includes some coaching sessions and mentoring phases during the incubation process. These are useful moments to work on self esteem, personal potential, orientation about priorities, rules and schedules, and enhance her great job, according to her business sector.
“When i started the YEP project I had forgetten how I wanted to become a fashion designer and how much I would have loved to become a fashion entrepreneur. Now all of my passion to design and all my creativity came out again and I’m very happy for that!”




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