Angela Santos Fernández
She is 30 years old and she is from Madrid. Business idea: Yoga school with different lines of business for wide target clients: Yoga for adults, Yoga for anxiety, Yoga for children, Yoga for families and intensive seminars on Yoga.

Sergio Pablo Torres Rios and Maria Fernanda Retes Alvarez

He is 34 years old and she is 32 years old. They are from Colombia. Business idea: a digital platform to connect tourists with photographers
Nicolas Papenko
nicolc3a1s-picture.jpgHe is from Russia and he is 28 years old.
Business idea: restoration and selling of furniture and objects as well as teaching workshops on furniture restoration.


Asier Albarrán Rodríguez
Asier AlbarranGraphic designer, comics, editorial designer, translation services



Esperanza Sáenz Inestrillas García

                                                         Graphic designer

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