griglia 5 italiani

Elena Mazzali 
ElenaShe is 31 years old and from the Region of Emilia Romagna, land of Parmigiano Reggiano and tortellini. She has a food blog focusing on the cuisine from her home region. Business idea: personal chef specialized regional cuisine
Federico La Torre                                                fede2         He is 32 years, specialised in communication and social media. He already collaborates with some friends in a do-it-yourself bike repair centre. Business idea: social centre with bar, bicycle repair and recreational space
Nabil Daisse
Nabil is 19 years old and originally from Algeria. He has already been working in the fruit&veg distribution sector with his father. Business idea description: local fruit and vegetabol distrubution

Alice Donati and Simone Elia

Alice e SimoneAlice is 29 and Simone 28 years old, they are cousins. They are passionate about humanities and science and Alice is a yoga instructor. Business idea: online website to match supply with demand about temporary lodging
Barbara Angioletti
BarbaraBarbara is 29 years old, has a young daughter and is passionate about Senegal and hairdressing. Business idea: hairstyle shop using organic products and manufactured products from Senegal.

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